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Lynn Foxwell

Lynn has worked for the emergency services for 34 years which gives her a valuable understanding of the pressures of a dynamic working environment.

As a qualified coach, Lynn has experience in coaching managers and personnel at all levels in different businesses.

Lynn will work with you to reinvigorate and develop your managers and staff to reach their full potential. Concentrating on what is important to your business and the people that work with you and for you. Challenging the barriers to change and progression.

Feedback from clients

'I was sceptical about coaching in the beginning, not knowing what it would do for me.  I am glad I did it.  I have found a new level of self-confidence to have the difficult conversations and it has made me a better manager. I am now in control and can deliver what is expected of me.  Thank you Lynn'

'I didn't realise that I was the one preventing myself from changing things, now I know I was focussed on looking back instead of forwards.  I see the opportunities ahead and am getting stuck in!'


'Wow, Lynn enabled me to see what was really stopping me from being in control of my decision making and running my business.  Now I am doing things differently, the huge pressure I felt is off and the sky is my  limit.'

'After what I had been through, my self-confidence was very low.  Lynn enabled me to see what is important to me and created a plan to build on that, now I run my own business and enjoy life again.'

Please contact me if you would like to discuss coaching further.

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