What is business coaching?

Every business and every person faces change and with that comes many challenges.   How those challenges are managed influences your teams' performance.  How your team performs impacts on the success of your business.

Business coaching is professional supported development for all personnel, and particularly those managing people and teams.  


It builds on your teams existing specialist skills, experiences and qualifications, enabling managers to work more effectively in the fast moving environment of business.

Coaching provides an opportunity to focus on your managers, enabling them to manage personal challenges, change, see the options available and take action.

Usually a maximum of 6 x 1 hour sessions is all that is required.


Coaching enables people to develop techniques to use time and again, giving them the ability to take control of their decision making and maximise their potential through their whole career.

Working with an experienced and qualified coach to challenge perceptions and barriers to create a path for accelerated progress.

Does your business need a coach?

Is your business going through change?

Do you or your managers feel that there are too many challenges to manage successfully?

Are there personnel/staff that are finding it difficult to make or accept change?

Are there personnel that are studying for qualifications while they are working?

Are there personnel returning from maternity leave or long term absence?

Do you have difficulty retaining personnel/staff?

Is there a high absence/sickness rate?

How do you support newly promoted managers?

Do you have challenging team dynamics and personalities?

Do you have demanding goals and targets to achieve?  Are you achieving them?

Coaching can assist with all of the above, developing personnel to manage their challenges.

Foxwell consultancy will work with you to develop your team, so they feel enabled to  progress in the demanding business environment.

Please contact me if you would like to find out more, go to the contacts page for methods and the online enquiries form.

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